About me

Hey there!, I'm-

Dhaval Singh.

A self-taught developer with an interest in performance optimization.

✍🏻The Write Stuff: Why I Do It

These lines written by Mr.Piyush Mishra capture the essence of "Why?" for me.


It loses its beauty when translated but for non-Hindi speakers here it is

I find peace in pouring words onto paper, I scream without making a sound…

⚡About me

I've been close to a computer since an early age, and have been passionate about it ever since.

I really liked to break stuff and explore the internal workings since 2015, and from that, I explored how to code myself, fast-forward to today, I do programming in various languages and technologies, and have the privilege of working as a Senior Software Developer in a B2B startup . I'm interested in building fast, agile, and robust systems, currently focused on Backend Development and making things fast. When I am not working, I can be found in the gym or playing Dota and if the weather's good, on a long walk.

📨 Get in Touch

I'm currently open to discussing and learning more about Backend Technology. Let's get in touch and talk more.